Distributed Learning Samples in Blackboard OpenCourseware


As part of the Distributed Learning & Technology Website developed for faculty, deans, and departments, I also created a showcase of distributed learning samples from across our distributed modes of delivery including online, televised, video-conference, and print in our institutionally supported LMS, Blackboard 9.1.

The Format:

Using the OpenCourseware version of Blackboard 9.1 I created an open showcase of online course samples which featured various design considerations and solutions. Each course showcased provided it’s own opportunities and challenges when they were originally developed and each solution shows how our development team was able to overcome the barriers and find a way to make learning happen using the tools available to us. This site also showcases samples from other modes of delivery. The first question SMEs ask when working with CCDE is to see some samples of courses so that they can get a sense of where they are going. Templates and process maps can be intimidating when starting out and this site has been an excellent glass ball for SMEs to see into the future and imagine what they might accomplish in their own development.

The Results:

Faculty and deans are now able to see samples of our work. This has not only allowed SMEs to envision greater things for their own developments and inspire them to be more innovative, but it has also acted as a marketing tool for CCDE. Being able to showcase our course developments with departments who are unaware of the work we do is an added bonus that was unintended when we began the project, but has proven fruitful never the less.


Here is a link to the Distributed Learning Samples OpenCourseware Site

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