NMC 2010 Summer Conference round-up

I had the opportunity to head out to So Cal a few weeks ago to attend the NMC’s summer conference. My head is still reeling. As with most conferences that showcase real innovation in educational technology, it will take months to sift through notes and links to finally discover what I might be able to use here at the UofS. For a good overview you can search twitter for #nmc2010, but here’s some highlights and notes (I will apologize only once for my awful childlike handwriting) from the sessions I attended.

1. Mimi Ito Keynote: Learning with Social Media: The Positive Potential of Peer Pressure and Messing Around Online

2. Andy Rush: This Old New Media Center – Great resources for media do-it-yourselfers. Andy has put together a great toolbox at UMW’s Digital Media Cookbook site.

3. Marita Ljungqvist & Maria Hedberg: It’s Not You, It’s Me: A Proposal for a Personal Learning Environment – Nice model for communicating an action plan for PLE’s to faculty; the Media Wheel

4. Kellie Welborn: 3D Video Streaming – If you’re Institution is looking to start research into this CONTACT KELLIE. They have done a VERY intensive look into 3D Video streaming.

5. The Mobile Horizon: A Panel Discussion – Interesting talk about where the Horizon report saw Mobile going and what’s happening at three different institutions.

6. Steve Anderson: Tools for Educators, by Educators – Shows off several very cool open online tools for developing media-rich books, video annotation, and more.

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