Online Animation Apps

There have been a number of free or not so free animation apps online over the last few years. They seem to come and go fairly quickly and with varying degrees of ownership and usability. I’ve used a few over the past while to illustrate some otherwise dry material and I thought I’d share a few results.

First, there’s GoAnimate which has a pretty decent amount of characters and locations to use and use a “text to talk” feature to make the characters speak.. The issue with this one is that unless you want to pay monthly all you can do is embed or link to the videos you’ve created.

It’s in the syllabus, Homey

Second, I’ve recently found which on the surface seems slightly less robust, but in actuality allows for some very interesting options. because you can upload your own objects, backgrounds and audio files it really expands what you can do. Also the automated animated entry and exits for characters and objects makes it easy and quick to give your video some pizzaz! I also like that I have the option to send my video to my own YouTube account for free. This way if wideo disappears I still have access to my product.