Owning It!

Well this is exciting! My first Ed Tech in the 306 blog post from my own little piece of the internet. That’s right I’ve moved the blog over from the third party WordPress.com to my own WordPress install on my newly acquired¬†Reclaim Hosting space thanks to Jim Groom and Tim Owens! I’m only a few days into the process of learning to manage my own server space and already I’m feeling the power surging in my veins! No longer shall the IT department lord their install privileges over my head! No more shall I be denied plugins, themes, or open source application sandboxes! I and I alone will rule my destiny online!!! MuAhahahahahahha!!!!!

In all seriousness though I don’t know why I didn’t do this ages ago. It really is great. Already I have a WordPress multi-site platform syndicating content most of my online entities, I have a Moodle platform waiting for me to play with, I’m exploring Vanilla Forums, a few social networking platforms, and will probably install Drupal just for giggles later this week. YES! Lovin’ it. I don’t know how Jim and Tim are doing it, but for $12 I’ve got all this power, a registered domain which I can build sub-domains off of, and Jim has already been in contact a few times and been there to answer some real newbie questions. All for the price of a up-sized fast food dining experience. Amazing.

My motivation for making the plunge comes from a few places starting with my anti-establishment skater/punk childhood that had me questioning every cop and security guard that ever chased me off a set of concrete stairs at a very young age. In short I was born to question those who lord power over us. I spent a good amount of time in the hallways of my elementary school for asking how assignments were relevant to what we were supposed to be learning (actually I was usually in the hallway for being lippy or disrupting the class, but it was all the same to me). In this case IT departments, web hosting services, and now more than ever, the giants of information like Google and Facebook. We click “accept” on terms and conditions screens like they weren’t even there. For all the time I spend on the internet each and everyday, for all the information I pump into the “series of tubes“, I have little more understanding than Ted Stevens himself. Simply put, I need to understand more about how this information is used and take back some control of how and where it exists. I took a CS100 course back in 1996 as part of my undergrad and to be honest that’s probably the most I ever learned about how the internet worked. We built a GeoCities style webpage with a few links on it and signed up for a yahoo email account. Since then I’ve been letting the internet drive. A few months back The Hour of Code campaign was really ramping up and it got me thinking more and more about digital citizenship and literacies.f8b8079e2c0a6d5d3e60f6c1f3aad1bc I completed my hour of code (kind of a useless exercise) and resolved to be a more informed digital citizen in 2014. After some very frustrating conversations with our IT department around the installation of plugins for our under supported University WordPress install I decided it was time to pull the trigger. Glad I did. You should too. Own IT!

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