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pageHeaderTitleImage_en_USI’m very please to announce that an article co-written by my colleague and fellow Instructional Designer, Jeanette McKee, and myself has finally been published. The latest volume of the Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education, a publication of the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education, is now available online.

Jeanette and I wrote a Report of Practice piece recounting our early work at the Centre for Continuing & Distance Education at the University of Saskatchewan, before the reorganization over the past few years.


This report of practice describes a five-year process to establish and implement quality standards for a substantial portfolio of distance delivered courses at the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, University of Saskatchewan. The report describes an analysis of the issues and the solutions found that led to our current curriculum design standards and procedures, the implementation of learning technologies, and the identification of issues and solutions regarding copyright law. Lastly, the future prospects of these distance-delivered post secondary courses are considered. Focusing on the issues and solutions for each category of challenges, this report describes the five-year journey of a small instructional-design team that faced roadblocks and barriers common to many post secondary continuing and distance education units.

Read the Full article online HERE.

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