Panasonic 3D Technology Demo

I had the opportunity to attend a demo of Panasonics newest 3D technologies including the AG-3DA1 3D Camera and a Massive 3D display. Learned a few things about the technology and the use of 3D video. Although the $21,000 price tag on the camera will scare most educators out of the market, Panasonic has done an amazing job bringing The 3D Rig to the masses. I for one was impressed. The 3d images that were produced from this camera were amazing. The display was incredible. And the 3D effects were stoopid cool. I can see a million and one uses for this technology in medicine, geography, fine arts, you name it. If eMAP, the media specialist group at the University of Saskatchewan and host’s of the 3D demo event, want to buy one of these camera’s I will find some courses to make use of them.

The only major hurdle is the delivery of 3D content. As with HD when it was new, delivering 3D content to students, who will not be affording the $4000 plasmas capable of this content, will be a challenge. YouTube has developed code to deliver 3D content in various formats, but ultimately we are taking what is an incredible 3D image and making it acceptable. Using the “space age” glasses (yes the rep from Panasonic actually said, space age. Sooo the 1960’s or newer.) with the plasma screen worked amazingly well. But if you compress the video to YouTube and display it using the old cyan and red glasses or the cross-eyed method instead of the polarized glasses or better yet the Frame Sequential Method, you’ve basically gone back to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Real Space Age Technology. Something to consider anyway. Maybe we’ll all have 3D televisions next year, maybe not. Either way the technology is there and as always with enough capital budget, educators could find some amazing ways to bring content pop.