Tools Trends and Strategies for Successful Distributed Learning

David Trottier, ICT U of S, and I presented some tools and strategies for online learning at this years Tech Week here at the U of S. Here is a video and a link to the Prezi of our presentation. Although we got cut off part way through due to the room being double booked. Doh! Sorry for the possible Condom commercial that is sure to preface the presentation, but it’s best to be safe. 😉
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I’ve recently discovered a really great way to organize and curate online content for students. Learnist is a super easy and effective way to take online content (video, audio, articles, journals, text, websites, whatever) and turn them into learning objects that you can organize and order however you like. But that’s not all!!! Beyond organizing and curating content the Learnist platform is a social sharing tool where members can follow, share, and even collaborate in building and distributing these learning boards. Have a look. I’m pretty excited about this and can’t wait to give it a try in one of our online courses this term. I’ll try and update the blog with the progress. Here’s a sample Board I put together just for fun featuring Steve Martin playing the banjo using the clawhammer technique.Image



EdTech Saskatchewan

EdTech Saskatchewan

Alec Couros has started a Google + group for Saskatchewan Educators interested in Educational Technology. Its a fast growing community with lots of opportunity for collaboration innovation. Membership is simple. Ask and ye shall receive. Already there are 48 members and I suspect that this will be an active community considering the participants. Check it out and join in the Ed Tech Fun!!!