Now hear this…

Now hear this...Ok so I know pod-casting isn’t exactly a new concept. I realize it’s not the wave of the future, sure to revolutionize the shape of education forever. It is, however, just one more tool in the waist band of instructional design. And as my Dad used to say, there’s the right and wrong tool for every job. I’ve been making due with the built-in mic on my iMac and MacBook for years, but finally decided to step up to a real microphone and wow what a difference. The Yeti from Blue Microphones has 4 different pattern settings depending on your particular application.

So far I’ve only made real use of the standard Cardioid setting, but can see myself using this mic in a variety of ways.settings_chart

I’m not going to go into a big in-depth review here as, just like pod-casting itself, this mic isn’t exactly new. There’s about a million and one reviews and examples out there on the interweb so have a look around if you want to see more. You can take a look at the Blue Microphone website for more on this and other mics and have a look at (or just a listen to) a few quick videos I produced for the upcoming flipped version of Gwenna Moss’s Course Design Institute using the Yeti microphone.