Hack Education

You may have seen this video before. Over 350,000 people have. Young Logan LaPlante makes a pretty strong case for an education system that promotes Happiness and Healthiness over simple employment. I guess what I really took away from this video is how Logan has been able to learn to be a life long learner. He enjoys learning, and as a result will probably be successful at whatever he chooses to “DO” in his adult life and will almost certainly “BE” happy.
How can we in the post-secondary system help adult learners develop this same zest for learning after being cattle prodded into a single file system of Instructional Design their whole lives?

Killing birds and saving stones

I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things…
Two of those things are:
1. Spend more quality time with my oldest son, Elliott
2. Join and complete a MOOC

That’s why I’m so stoked to have found the University of Alberta’s DINO101. I love multi-tasking my to-do lists. Hahahahah
I’m going to blog more about this experience, because I’m also interested in how a 5 year old does in a University level course. Elliott is insane crazy about dinosaurs and is often found cross-referencing information about them in his many apps, books, videos, and online resources (where he gets this academic brain from I don’t know. That was sooo not me at that age). So I’m very curious how engaged he will be with a course that leads him through weekly materials to see if he sticks with it (at least longer than me). Follow the Dino 101 tag on this blog to see where it goes.

Oh, and go sign up for this MOOC too, it looks really amazing!


A great down-to-earth conversation between Ed Tech Futurist, Bryan Alexander, and Howard Rheingold about the state and future of MOOCs. Bryan outlines a possible model for the future of the MOOC where in smaller colleges and even large institutions can harness the power and curriculum of existing quality MOOC content along with other open resources and in turn provide the framework and support systems of facilitation and first contact for their own students. A return to the c-MOOC in a lot of ways. Interesting stuff.

Video was originally sourced from dmlcentral.net‘s MOOCs, Hype, and the Precarious State of Higher Ed: Futurist Bryan Alexander