Organizing Content Overview: GMCTE CDI 3 part series


The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness (GMCTE) teaches a Course Design Institute (CDI) twice a year for faculty looking to improve their courses and their curriculum development skills. This widely subscribed to four day face-to-face workshop was delivered by the GMCTE Instructional Designers and hosts guest speakers from the College of Education and the Centre for Continuing & Distance Education, me. In 2014 the GMCTE wold like to redesign the workshop to use a flipped model where students come prepared having already worked though much of the “lecture” material. There for I was asked to create videos around the topics I’d covered in person previously. I used some free pod-casting software to create the videos and then utilized the linking options within the YouTube editor to connect the videos with hotspot links embedded right in the videos. This allows viewers to navigate between videos without searching or returning to a specific channel and also creates a “choose your own adventure” option at the end of the first video to increase motivation.

Here’s the first of the 3 part series:

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