DIY Document Cameras

Back in April of 2021 we showed you how to use your phone as a document camera in WebEx. Now that the University has moved our video conferencing software to Zoom we thought we’d revisit this topic and show you a few ways that you can get a DIY document camera setup for synchronous and …

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Remote Teaching with Video

Keeping your course fresh and interesting throughout the term can be challenging in an online environment. Especially if you’ve had to rush to prepare a remote teaching version of an otherwise live course. One of the many ways we can keep things interesting is with the use of video. Students will appreciate the opportunity to …

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So You’d Like to Make a Lecture Video …

Instructors often use the lecture format in their face-to-face classes – sometimes also using slide decks (like PowerPoint) – so recording a lecture can be one way of digitizing your learning material and presenting it online. However, there are a number of things to consider before you decide to use this approach. This post will discuss some …

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Job Perks

So there are some perks to being an instructional designer. Today I spent the morning over in Agriculture Meat Sciences with eMAP as they finished up production on a video we are creating for the AG 112 course development. This … Continue reading

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