Educational Media Production

Course Trailers

Web Economy and Data Currency

Similar to a movie trailer this "Course Trailer" was produced to stimulate interest in the development of a single credit course around the web economy, data mining, and what you're agreeing to when you click accept terms and conditions.

Astronomy 104 - Course trailer

A course trailer developed for the Astronomy 104 online course development through the Department of Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. This trailer was designed as an advanced organizer for students entering the online course and to provide some motivation for engagement with the course materials.

Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Goverance - Course Trailer

A course trailer for a seminar course from the Department of Indigenous Studies (then Native Studies) at the University of Saskatchewan. This trailer was part of a video series developed as part of the course design and development project which introduced students to the concepts and topics of this course entitled Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Governance.

Animated Info

Online Learning Series

This animated Online Learning Series was created to support instructors who wanted to add an short explainer video to their online courses when using various online learning tools within the LMS. Topics such as Online Discussions, Online Group Work, Using Copyright or Open Licensed material in student assignments, Applying Open Licensing to Student Work, and others were created for instructors to easly embed into their courses to help support students unfamiliar with online tools.

International Student and Study Abroad Centre

Commissioned by the International Student and Study Abroad Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, these videos took two commonly under-read documents outlining guidelines and parameters for international travel and attempted to make them more digestible through animation.


The Creative City: 8 Part Documentary Series

As a capstone to my work at Educational Media Access and Production (eMAP) at the University of Saskatchewan I directed and produced an 8 part documentary series following the artists involved in a residency that paired artists with businesses to make art part of their everyday. This residency and series was partly inspired by Saskatoon’s 2006 designation as a Cultural Capital of Canada and was a collaboration with, and funded by, the SaskArts Board and still airs regularly on SCN.

Evolving Education: Learning in the 21st Century

A three-part documentary series that presents viewers with compelling questions about the way we educate students and offers successful answers. This series celebrates three case studies that reflect the ideas of John Abbott, an advocate of cognitive apprenticeship. My role in this series included production work and videography.

Virtual Worlds for Virtually Anyone: Educators in Second Life

As part of a research proposal into the use of Virtual Learning Environments in distance education I produced this Machinima Documentary and interviewed three Institutions using SecondLife in three different ways.

Carole Epp | artist profile

Funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, this artist profile investigates the work of Carole Epp, a Ceramic Artist, the editor of “Musing About Mud” a very popular ceramic focused blog, and a co-founder of “Make and Do” an online Canadian Ceramics Gallery and Shop.


Curly Cashew teaches a 101 lesson on street art. From tags to throw-ups to a full burner, Curls walks you through the writer’s vocabulary and visually decodes hip hop’s written word. This is a short piece I did back in 2003 with my old Canon XL1. We were supposed to do a much bigger piece on Curls One, but he disappeared after this and we never got to finish the project. Damn shame.

Short Films

Fear Itself

A composite image of media describing the fear, media itself, perpetrates. Combining live action film and video with composite still images from media and advertisements. ‘Fear Itself’ portrays present day through political and social realities.

Created using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro, this film was an official selection at the Canadian Film Centre’s World Wide Film Festival in Toronto, Canberra Australia’s Short Film Festival and the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Creative Kids Series

A sample of the Creative Kids series I worked on using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. This was an eight part series that aired on Huda TV, NileSat, GuideUS TV starting in 2008.