What is Ferally Educated? About Us

Welcome to Ferally Educated, where the unconventional meets the unapologetic! My name is Holly, otherwise known as THE Feral Ag Teacher, a self-proclaimed "raccoon of wisdom," and I have been navigating the wild territories of agriculture, education, and holistics  for the last decade. Through this journey I have been able to cultivate some pretty rad offerings that combines all of my passions and skill sets in one place to share!

With a master's degree in education as it pertains to science, technology, engineering and mathematics and a trail of feral antics that would make a raccoon proud, I am excited to bring you a shop that's part barnyard, part classroom, and all chaos. 

This isn't your typical website; it's a raccoon raid on the status quo. Join our family, for a wild ride through the fields of knowledge and controversy. Get ready to rummage through the trash of conventional thinking—Ferally Educated is here to stir the pot.



For my teachers and professionals looking to book time with me...

Agriculturalist, M.Ed STEM, Farmer, Rancher, Educator, Hype-Man, Idea Mill, Rabbit Lady, etc. All terms that have been associated with myself, but the truth is I am just a gal who grew up on a farm that decided to turn her passion for agriculture and education into a resource to help others.

Unconventional is the best way to describe my teaching style, I travel the country to get real time footage and resources for my classes through my series “The Chesnut AGsperience”. I love to share my passion for agriculture and education with the world, and enjoy doing so while living out of my truck 3 months out of the year.

I train educators and stakeholders how to make the most out of their program and time. I call this High Efficiency (H.E.) coaching which focuses on making the most dynamic use of what limited time teachers have. Tired of being tired? Have big goals but not sure how to implement or make the time for it? If that sounds like you, my H.E. Coaching could be a great resource for you! Topics include program managing, articulation, matriculation, lesson planning, recruitment, industry and community partners and more! Let my years of learning the hard way be a guide to making your program everything you know it can be and allow you to AGsperience Success!!!

Stay Feral Babes!

-Holly May M.Ed STEM, The Feral Ag Teacher