Collection: Feral Intentions

Ferally Educated Elixirs - Unleash the Wild Within

Step into the untamed world of "Feral Intention Elixirs," where nature's wisdom meets spiritual charm in a collection of enchanting potions. Each 10ml roller bottle is a unique journey, blending the richness of carrier oils, the magic of herbs, the energy of crystals, and the allure of essential oils to awaken your wild potential.

🌿 Crafted with Purpose 🌿

Our elixirs are carefully concocted to celebrate the diverse facets of life. Whether you seek calm in the chaos, abundance in the wild bloom of life, or the unstoppable drive to conquer your ambitions, there's a Ferally Educated Elixir designed just for you.

🌌 Setting Intentions in the Wild 🌌

Roll on the magic and set your intentions ablaze. Picture yourself as the wild navigator, embracing the challenges and triumphs of life with every drop. "Ferally Educated Elixirs" aren't just potions; they're your companions on the journey to untamed living.

🌸 A Symphony of Ingredients 🌸

From the soothing embrace of lavender to the dynamic drive of cinnamon, each elixir is a harmonious blend of nature's treasures. Carrier oils cradle the essence, herbs whisper ancient wisdom, crystals radiate energy, and essential oils add a touch of wild charm.

💫 Ferally Educated Promise 💫

We've bottled the essence of untamed living, infusing it with the charm of cheekiness. Embrace your feral side and let "Ferally Educated Elixirs" be your guide to a world where every drop tells a story, and every intention sets you on the path of wild exploration.

🌿 Warning: May cause an irresistible urge to embrace the wild within and live life on your own terms. 🌿