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Ferally Educated

Ferally Protected Intention Elixir

Ferally Protected Intention Elixir

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πŸ›‘οΈ Ferally Protected - Ward off the Wild Unknown πŸ›‘οΈ

Step into the shield of security with "Ferally Protected," a potent elixir crafted to safeguard against the twists and turns of the untamed. This 10ml roller bottle is a fierce concoction, blending the power of nature with a touch spiritual jouje.

πŸƒ Ingredients: A Guardian's Arsenal πŸƒ

Arm yourself with the protective embrace of black salt, hyssop, cloves, nettle, sage, bay leaf, and agrimony, with clove, green mandarin and pink pepper essential oils, creating a formidable blend to ward off the wild unknown. Infused with the fortifying energy of amethyst, clear quartz, tiger's eye, tourmaline, and obsidian, "Ferally Protected" is more than an elixir; it's your shield against the unpredictable.

🌌 Setting Intentions in the Wild Abyss 🌌

Roll on the magic and set your protective intention ablaze. Picture yourself as the fearless guardian, standing strong amidst the wilderness. "Ferally Protection" isn't just an elixir; it's your wild defense against the unknown, wrapped in a cloak of nature's might.

πŸ›‘οΈ How to Use: Channel your inner guardian. Roll onto pulse points, take a deep breath, and feel the shield enveloping you. Fearless stance encouraged.

🌿 Ferly Educated Promise 🌿

We've bottled the essence of wild protection, infusing it with the charm of cheekiness. Embrace your feral side and let "Ferally Protection" be your trusted companion on the untamed journey.

πŸŒ‘ Warning: May cause an unyielding sense of strength and an empowered feeling to conquer any wild challenge. πŸŒ‘

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