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Ferally Educated

Ferally Protected Intention Elixir

Ferally Protected Intention Elixir

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🛡️ Ferally Protected - Ward off the Wild Unknown 🛡️

Step into the shield of security with "Ferally Protected," a potent elixir crafted to safeguard against the twists and turns of the untamed. This 10ml roller bottle is a fierce concoction, blending the power of nature with a touch spiritual jouje.

🍃 Ingredients: A Guardian's Arsenal 🍃

Arm yourself with the protective embrace of black salt, hyssop, cloves, nettle, sage, bay leaf, and agrimony, with clove, green mandarin and pink pepper essential oils, creating a formidable blend to ward off the wild unknown. Infused with the fortifying energy of amethyst, clear quartz, tiger's eye, tourmaline, and obsidian, "Ferally Protected" is more than an elixir; it's your shield against the unpredictable.

🌌 Setting Intentions in the Wild Abyss 🌌

Roll on the magic and set your protective intention ablaze. Picture yourself as the fearless guardian, standing strong amidst the wilderness. "Ferally Protection" isn't just an elixir; it's your wild defense against the unknown, wrapped in a cloak of nature's might.

🛡️ How to Use: Channel your inner guardian. Roll onto pulse points, take a deep breath, and feel the shield enveloping you. Fearless stance encouraged.

🌿 Ferly Educated Promise 🌿

We've bottled the essence of wild protection, infusing it with the charm of cheekiness. Embrace your feral side and let "Ferally Protection" be your trusted companion on the untamed journey.

🌑 Warning: May cause an unyielding sense of strength and an empowered feeling to conquer any wild challenge. 🌑

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