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Ferally Educated

Ferally Psychic Intention Elixir

Ferally Psychic Intention Elixir

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🔮 Ferally Psychic - Awaken the Wild Intuition 🔮

Embark on a mystical journey with "Ferally Psychic," an enchanting elixir designed to amplify your inner visions and embrace the untamed realm of intuition. This 10ml roller bottle is a magical blend, fusing the energies of nature with a touch of cheekiness.

🌿 Ingredients: Nature's Alchemy 🌿

Dive into the cosmic embrace of hemp seed, jojoba, and grapeseed, the ethereal elixirs that nurture your psychic roots. Immerse yourself in the mystical dance of cinnamon, goldenrod, marigold, mugwort, rose petals, cornflower, and vervain herbs with melissa, roman chamomile, sandalwood and Siberian fir essential oils. Infused with the intuitive energies of amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, blue apatite, and lapis lazuli, "Ferally Psychic" is more than an elixir; it's your key to unlocking the wild potential of psychic insight.

🌌 Setting Intentions in the Cosmic Ether 🌌

Roll on the magic and set your intention for heightened intuition. Picture yourself as the wild seer, navigating the cosmic ether with every drop, unlocking the secrets of the unseen. "Ferally Psychic" isn't just an elixir; it's your mystical potion for embracing the untamed power of psychic perception.

🔮 How to Use: Channel your inner oracle. Roll onto pulse points, take a deep breath, and let the wild visions unfold. Mystic vibes encouraged.

🌿 Ferly Educated Promise 🌿

We've bottled the essence of wild psychic energy, infusing it with the charm of cheekiness. Embrace your feral side, and let "Ferally Psychic" be your companion on the cosmic journey of intuition.

✨ Warning: May cause an increased sense of inner knowing and a tendency to trust the wild whispers of intuition. ✨

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